Learning the fret board 2 hours

Learning scales and what they do: 20 hours

Learning how chords work: 3 hours.

Finding out that you cannot apply what you have learned due to the fact that you cannot play the stuff good yet: Sad...

So I learned alot about music theory, but the sad sad truth is I have found out that I am not skilled enough yet to playing what I learned. I mean I couldnt even play a chord structure of E E E G A G. Just cannot do it good yet... Ahhh the sad realizations of life
Um...just keep practicing.

I suggest reading the literary work "The Little Engine That Could" for inspiration.
I should add on, to make it sound less mean perhaps, that theory, while when you learn it you gain GREAT knowledge quickly, doesn't always CLICK perfectly. Give it time, keep playing. Try to utilize some scales. WORK WITH A METRONOME.

Seriously, it won't click now. It might not click tomorrow.

It might take a week, and hit you when you're taking a crap in a Panda Express, but when it does, just work with it.

I am not worried that I can't do it just realized that I learned alot in theory and I am just currently not good enough to play any of it. Which makes me laugh because I gota get better skill in my playing to catch up with what I know in theory... Eh thats life, i just thought it was funny.
I'm the opposite of you.. I can easily play all the scales, but I can't actually remember them, and I don't know the fretboard properly, but I will later.

It's all learning, and when you play and instrument.. that's what you do.
oh yeah for sure, I think it was really my drive that I wanted to be able to just play songs and improvise so bad that I studied ALOT of music theory, but I guess for some dumb reason I didnt stop to think that my playing skills cannot keep up with my knowledge. I mean I could play the things I learned but it would take alot more practice to get them to even sound good. Got a bad problem with rythem as well. But hopefully metronome should fix that.

Its mostly due to the fact that I can't play all the notes smothly I gota play and play and play untill my fingers get used to it. At least with movements that I am unfamilar with. Like the e,e,e,g,a,g I had a hard time because I had to play the e string than move my thumb to mute the e string and play g than move up and play a and back down to g... had huge problems with mutting the strings properly lol. But it will all come in time with practice
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I suggest reading the literary work "The Little Engine That Could" for inspiration.

Lol, nice
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i cant do theory for **** , i have one rule, if it rocks it rocks

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