These are two short sets of lyrics I wrote a few days ago. The second one isn't finished, though.

'In Suspended Animation'

I stand still as the world forgets
Forgets the pain it's put me through
Falling away from tragedy
Not knowing how this has scarred me
And as I rest my thoughts
Of hopelessness and fear
Love swings her sword at me
These dreams are decapitating
I speak without a cause
Intending to be calm
But finding my true feelings for
You is not an answer in itself
For I am stopped in time
While all others move
Waiting for just a moment
To spend with you

'Fire in the Hills'

Suffocating in the ashes of my hope
The essence of remorse gives way to confusion
Smothered in the tantalizing smoke
These shadows are impurity
This is my life of hatred
A ship shot full of holes
Wrecked on the shore of this world
For empty thoughts breed empty souls
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The gore of killing animals is supposed to scare you out of eating meat.
That and drop Q tuning with pig squeels

Onyl rea the second one. I know both are short but only post one song per post. so yeah

The second one i thought was great. i liked the shortness of it and the word choice as well.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?