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Rusting in each strobe-drop of
Light-skewing brilliance
I kiss the curb and splash my face with sky-piss. And
While under that swish of unnatural foggy independence
From sanity, I rain out emotion through my lips.
Interpretive dance.
And like the sewage pouring down from the open windows,
Like the slivers of unholy moon slitting their way through inconceivability,
I spin conviction
Laced with the steel of wood chairs, the steel of wood chairs
Wood desks and wooden pets, the resolve
Of wooden thoughts and benches
That I should have, would have, but never could have taken out of grace.
Interpretive dance.
Raped winters slumber here; sleep here with the hibernating robins,
While the rain and warm splintered mist tapes the sky with ducks and
Doves and hugging Christmas stoves,
Love of Mother?s God? I wish I had a wooden heart.
Interpretive dance.
Kites fly in this weather
And collide; wiping the genitals out of us forever onto old schoolyard stoops and swing sets that
Hold me in a grasping tear; choke me in what is real
That there are only two fears:
Those of ignorance and of the unknown.
Interpretive dance.


Gritting brittle teeth and gripping the sides
Of some sodden, shitty bar, I grab her arm
And ask this girl who has a full glass whether
I could buy her a drink. You see, in this animalistic
Mating game, amidst the mass of grinding bodies
Gyrating to a deafening drone, you are dancing
With some beauty, some glamour-rag queen
Dancing as though you are furiously shagging,
Caressing, sliding; love?s spectrum complete.

And that is what it is, and how it works, a shit-
Faced microcosm for all to see. Egged on by beery,
Flat-headed crowds, you dance, dance, dance, like you
Mean it, like you love her, like you?re fucking her
Quivering, pimpled body, and she?s not at all repulsed
By the sagging, squat physique that you hide
So bloody well. And squat as you may indeed be,
She?ll never know or care or remember,
But she?ll awake in the morning whilst you sleep,

Emptied, now sober, leaving without a word. And
You, as well as I, know, that without this dancing
We?re ashamed, unnecessary. For without those
Five minute windows of passion on a heaving
Dance-floor, we?d be wanking at half-three in
The morning, straining to capture her caress, making
Believe, that she?s there, that it isn?t your finger that?s
Up your own arse. But it?s irrelevant, friend, we?ve
Both been there, and I am tonight, I?ll see you there.
"You can never quarantine the past."
hey ppl check out ma song please, "Why don't you take it all"
nd blues better :]
Quote by a_7_x
hey ppl check out ma song please, "Why don't you take it all"
nd blues better :]

I believe i speak for everyone when I say "fuck off assface"

{but seriously dude, please dont advertize in our thread, its disrespectful and is very blatantly spam.}

Edit: and Broken I honestly didnt vote for yours out of decency, but rather because it was the better piece. A brilliant piece in fact, and it was probably in the top 10 things I have ever read on this website.
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I kiss the curb and splash my face with sky-piss

That line was quallllity.