Hi there,

I currently own an Ibanez GRG150, a Zoom-505II processor and a Kustom 20W amp (very very basic, as u can see).
Now i wanted to know that if in the future i want to improve the sound of the guitar, will changing the pickups help? I mean, say if i put like EMG pickups in my guitar and say, change the amp (like get a randall or marshall or a roland), will it improve the tone quality? Because as far as i know, the pickups are solely responsible to produce the sound, or am i wrong?

Secondly, can anyone suggest me a good website that will explain me the theory of music, u know like how chords are created, scales, etc...
it will Defenatly change your sound compleatly.
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Now what if i change my processor, get a better one and say change the amp. Will that give me better sound. I mean, when the processor is involved, do the pickups really matter? 'Cause i cannot make out any change when i change the pickup positions when my guitar is connected to the processor. It seems that the processor is doing all the work.