Ok, I am torn between 3 guitars. I like to play mainly rock and metal. Anyway one is the like $450 Kirk Hammett guitar that can be found on musiciansfriend.com just by searching for kirk hammett. Anyway, the other two are the Ibanez Iceman IC400 and the Schecter 006 Blackjack. Price really isn't an issue since all 3 are pretty close in price. I was just wondering for some advice. I have gotten to play the iceman before which was a joy, but I'm still curious about the others.
Iceman. They rock.
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are u soloing or rythming? KH guitars are solo beasts, icemen are awesome at rythm.
trust me buddy, anything schecter is sweet
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Well I pretty much just want to play anything rock. I am not very good yet to be able to shred and solo which I really want to be able to get at that level at some point, but playing good rythm is just as important to me. Are there reasons why iceman's are better rythm guitars and why hammett's guitars are better for solos?
I say Iceman, any ESP below about $600 is probably made of agathis or something, and I hear shecters necks arent too good, or you oculd always get high end agile LP if you go for LPs
Iceeeman, besides the hawt body. They sound nice.
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actually i''ve got an ibanez sa and i switched the humbucker for a dimarzio fred. it's wonderful, really versatile and i think you should consider that actually. neck is really thin, and i'm kinda like you, been playing for over a year. i'd recommend the sa.