This is one I wrote about superman, it pretty much speaks for itself, kinda got inspired from the new movie even though i didn't like it too much. and the title isn't what i'd really call this - but it'll do for now. please crit

take me to your house
i'll stop saving the world
just for tonight

show me your room
as i take your hand
this feels so right

the world can wait
the world can wait
just for one night
just for one night

you show me the meaning
of love first hand
so pure and true

i never felt life
quite like this
until i met you

the world can wait
just for one night, they can wait
just for one night

hold me
touch me
say how much you love me
we've only got tonight

and when i cry out your name
i want you to know
that i'll watch you
from where i have to go

and in the morning
i'll be gone without a goodbye
i always have to fly

-but for now-
hold me
touch me
my love for you cannot be
unless its for tonight

peering through your window
unbeknown to you
trying to glimpse
something i once knew

memories flash by me
i nearly lose my head
but the world has spoken
guess what it said

watch me
save me
it's your destiny
you know you've got to fight