So recently my friend has being helping me out, and ive been trying to tab out songs by ear, im pretty sure this is useful to helping me improve.. am i right? It actually feels alot better than just reading off the tabs and playing it, feels like youve accomplished something

Just wondering about others views on this.
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yer it's good stuff, i guess you can combine that with your knowledge of scales and chords to sort of feel even more satisfied. so you could be like "oh that sounds like a d5 going into an e5 and then a major scale with a root note of g" or something. it's definately a good way to build theory.
But thats the thing, my theory isnt that good. Especially my scales, what do u reckon me to do so i can understand scales and how they work etc?
Don't Sacrifice a Tree for the whole forest

Quote by jsxxx
just stroke up and down and experiment...find what feels right.
Check out some of the lessons on this site, for a start, find a friend who knows and ask them, that's good too.
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it is always best to work things out by ear, as you said, you feel like you've accomplished something, plus one day you might be put in a situation where either the tab isnt available, or you dont have access to a computer
ya look into theory, such as the circle of fourths and everything to go with the scales and learning to tab by ear is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment, i still cant do it and ive been playing for two years... but if you wanna just boost your playing check out Fretboard Logic, it helped me a good bit
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Since when is there any other ways to tab?
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/\ He probably meant should he look at tabs on this site or try to figure it out for himself. And besides there's always the "copy it from a book" way of tabbing...