Heres the low-down. My dad got a job in brisbane and my parents are willing to bribe me if i move to brisbane. I have wanted a strat for a while and i would like your opinions on assorted strats. My options range from mexican standards to used american standards (maybe a tiny bit more). My favourite all time player is john frusciante and he plays a 62 strat so i was thinkin a 60s strat reissue, or sumthin like that. Obviously i cant afford a real 60s strat because they cost outrageous amounts of dough.

Thanks in advance!
Haha , nice way to bribe your child :^) what ammount of $ are they willing to pay xD?

btw Can't you just go to a big guitarshop over there and check out some strats

(sorry i can't recommend anything , i only got Squirer strat lol) don't know anything else :p
Man get The 60th Anniversary Strat Standard MIM
its better than standard American series and i got mine for $750Aud cash(564usd) so offer that.
IF you are in Sydney Go 2 dicksons music chatswood it has the best prices around. They are about $100 more than a standard because i reckon i could get a standard strat for $600 cash ($451usd)
Wow, you do realise 62' strat reissue does costs nearly $3200aud at allans music in the city right?

Dicksons is great, but if you want way more range go to allans music (Sydney people) in the city, great range of fender stuff, also cheap!
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What kind of music do you play? You might want to look into a fat strat if you're planning on playing metal. A humbucker also suits more heavy rock and classic rock more I'd say, and if you're wanting to imitate tones got using les pauls and other humbucker guitars, it would be better. If you have more $$$ than the standard, maybe get the deluxe or Highway 1? Or get the standard and switch out one/all of the pickups.
^^But i find Alans to be alot more expensive than your local guitar shop.
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Brisbane is a great place youll love it. I cant recomend a strat but when you can to brisbane dependeing on which suburb you are moving to you can go to "the guitar shop" in paddington you can get excellent help and prices there
i hope its a great city. At least they have the most kickass football team ever to walk the face of the earth
Try the Eric Clapton Stratocaster. It's pretty sweet.

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^^But i find Alans to be alot more expensive than your local guitar shop.

Nah, allans is actually cheaper in some ways, mainly due to the fact that it's a chain store (there is a larger profit earned in chain stores, so they can mark down prices of their instruments) and this overpowers single stores (dicksons is a single store, so the profit earned in less, so they some times keep the RRP, in not they hike it up...)
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how much are your parents willing to bribe you? also if you want a sound close to John Frusciante you might as well get his amps. and if the guitar can wait and some deals work then you maybe able to grab a John Frusciante sig done by Edwards from a special ESP dealer cough*Bmusic Adelaide*cough
I swear john frusciante doesn't have a signature guitar...
I finally got my gear!

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[quote="'[Guitar-Noob"]']I swear john frusciante doesn't have a signature guitar...

lol doesnt mean you cant called a copy guitar sig though plus it does a damn decent job of the wear marks as well
That guy who said "Get the standard 60th annerversary" is a fool, yeah it may fetch a nice bit of money in 10 years but get an american strat or something of simarlar quality or higher
How about an american strat or maybe a Deluxe HSS.

dont get Highway One or MIM. Go for the reallly nice stuff

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^ Yeah, the mexican strats are prettey average really. Go and play a few strats at your local stores, theres like 50 different models to choose from.
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Get a Japanse Fender '62 Reissue Strat.
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hmmm yeh there is a seller on ebay that sells japanese guitars regularly so check on ebay regularly. but i dont know if there is a shop that sells japanese fenders
Hey, to the guy who said getting the 60th anniversary strat is a bad idea, why's that? It looks good, has good reviews etc. so why not?
its better than americans trust me ive tried em. i was gonna fetch out the cash for it but went for the 60th standard