Some new guy has started working for my Dad, he needed some cash quickly so he's selling his 1973 Fender P-Bass for 1200 AUD (900 USD). Is this a good deal, I know Vintage Fender's are hard to get but we really need to know ASAP whether this Bass is worth getting, not necessarily as instrument that I'm interested in, but as an investment as I've heard these things can be in pretty high demand. I'm in a different country right now, so i can't try it out, but what do these babies sound like? Post away
it sounds like a good deal. i soppose it all depends on what condition the guitar is in, for $1200 you could get a Mexican 60th Aniversary Precision Bass, if that makes any difference probebly not but i just wanted to say it
As said, it depends on the condition. it could be battered up, you never know. I would ask for pictures, and definitely go lower on the price - if he's that desperate, he will drop the price..

but dont buy it just for an investment, only buy it if you actually want a P-Bass
but if you live in Australia, then its an even better deal, AFAIK, because i hear the prices there for guitars/basses/etc are generally all around higher than in north america.

(and i also agree with the above posts)
thanks heaps guys, I'm generally a Fender Jazz fan myself, but it's a vintage, my dad'll probably work the guy down on price a little more, I see this as a pretty rare chance, and worst case scenario, It'll end up on Ebay. Like i said, I'm in another country so can't try it out, but being a vintage i wouldn't think It'd be too hard to sell. Actually, the guy has just started working for my dad, and he's moved into one of our apartments, so i don't think he'll be pulling anything dodgy too soon. The guy has already had offers higher, but he needed money straight away and my old man put a decent deposit on it. I've never even tried a P-bass (i know, WTF?), but I might end up loving this thing, or hating it. I'll let everyone know what happens. Thanks again, If anyone has anything else to say, please keep posting
You're in another country from the bass, but he's in your apartments? wtf?

I love the old p-bass sound. I love punch. Hope it works out for you.
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because it's not pre-CBS it's not as collectible. I wouldn't pay 900 for it in the states, but I'm not familiar with the Australian market. If you are to go ahead, make sure that you know what a 73 P looked like, (the bridge, neckplate, tuners, electronics) and make sure that the bass you are buying is all original. Also, a scratched up original finish is worth more than a shiny, new finish on vintage instruments. Good luck yo!
Have a look and see if there's anything similar on sale on ebay or vintage guitar dealers websites. If it sounds good and feels good and you can afford it, why not? Make sure it's all original (pots, pups, bridge, tuners) if you want good resale value. Bear in mind '73 is supposedly the "bad period" for Fender and they tend to be on the heavy side. Also the bridges at this time began to be made from cheap alloys rather than decent metal, so are softer and don't sustain so well. I'd check the strings line up with the pickups (usually a sign of decent build quality) and the neck is straight. Check the condition of the frets as well - knock 'em down if the frets are gonna need replacing soon (or get them to pay for it!)
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You're in another country from the bass, but he's in your apartments? wtf?

I love the old p-bass sound. I love punch. Hope it works out for you.

I'm in Germany at the moment, my family is still in Australia and he's just started renting one of our apartments. So he's a tenant and an employee of my Dad, so i don't think he'll be pulling anything too dodgy.

I'd heard that 1973 was pretty much the worst period, especially for the P-Bass. I read some reviews and most of them seemed pretty happy, nothing amazing. But then i checked the prices on Ebay America and Holy mother of Jesus, this baby is worth quite a bit more than i was expecting. I'm going to get my old man to email me some close up photo's, then I'll tell him what It's like. Either way, from the prices I've seen, this is an absolute steal.
my school has an early 70's P-bass, and i normally hate the way Fenders feel, and the bass is absolutely amazing. I love the thick C shape neck, and the bass is in beat up condition but it is still an amazing bass. I would esily buy it if they'd sell it.
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The 70s were a very dodgy period for Fender... sure some of their worst MIA stuff came out of there, but so did the stuff that made Marcus Miller, Geddy Lee, and many others very happy.

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