Alright, so I'm fretting an A Major chord on my electric.
It's a Fender Stratocaster, so it's low action with a narrow
vintage neck (7.25 radius). Here's the thing:

Every tip on fretting suggest to fret a note just behind the fret,
or else it won't sound best and/or might buzz. In the case of
the A Major you have to fret the B string, the G string and the
D string on the second fret. So, basically there's not much space
and consequently it's impossible to fret the G string nowhere close
to the appropriate fretwire. And so it buzzes.

What's the right solution?
From what I've seen stings shouldn't buzz even if you hold it far from the fret. But one thing that I might suggest looking at is to make sure that your fingers arent touching the other open strings because I noticed that that sometimes causes buzz.
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Try barring them, right at the fret, to see if that is actually the problem.

And to remove fret buzz, you should raise the height of the strings at the bridge, by turnng the little screws with an allen key
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It could be that your action is too low. Try raising the action on the G string bit by bit and it should fix your problem.
-Make sure all strings are held down
-String action (See above)
-Truss rod adjustment

thats all I can think of.
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