aot of ma fave bands, spesh a7x, use sweeping int heir songs, i cant sweep and want to learn.
any tips on how to learn easy?
nope, im learning sweeping right now and its effing killing me
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see av read that u dont hold down all the strings like a chord, so to get the right and left hand in perfect sync. is sooo hard.
it is quite difficult and a bitch to do, and it pisses me off that the people who can sweep make it look so easy.
Yeah dude, you won't be able to sweep like Syn in a few months.
If you're extremely dedicated, in 4 months of hard practice you may be pretty quick but it takes a looooonnng time to get going fast...

Basically. There is no easy way.
*shrugs* I don't know...
Great links! I've been working on sweeping for about a week and have found u can progress fast if u take it slow and build up. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
Hey guys, I have a question. Let's say on top of my normal practice, I practice just sweep picking say, 20 minutes a day. How long (in months) would it then approximately to get fast at it. I don't mean like Malmsteen fast, I just mean pretty bloody fast.
^Depends how you practice and what you get from your practice... doing those 20 minutes properly while setting the basis for a good sweep and ending up with a fast and clean sweep I'd say.. around 24 months.
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2 years just to play fast with sweep picking? By that, how many notes per minute or second would you say?
^No - 2 years to be able to play fast, clean and with control. If you practice properly.

You'll probably be able to play 'fast' the way you're thinking in 1-2 months... but expecting to be able to master sweep picking in a matter of months with a set notes-per-second measurment being your reason is a one-way ticket to mediocrity.

If you want to master it, it will take you years.
Hmmm...I just figured I'd be able to sweep pick cleanly at pretty fast speeds in 6 months-1 year. At least I can start while I'm a beginner and by the time I'm good I'll have sweep picking down though. (hopefully =D)
^Possibly, yeah. It completely depends on how you practice it - and if you keep it up consistently.

I can't really tell you, or really even give you an estimate as to how long it's going to take because there's so many different factors that are either going to contribute to you improving, or hinder you from progressing.. of which, I know none.

2 years was how long it took me to have a clean, fast and controlled sweep - which is why I used that number.. and it generally ends up being around there somewhere anyway depending on the player.
If you want some really good sweeping to strive for, listen to Nevermore. Or you could look at the 80's shredders like Jason Becker, he's in the top 3 sweep pickers for me.
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Use the chorus on Beast and the Harlot...it's not a sweeping part but it can be used to teach you...that's what i did...worked pretty good...but that's just me..
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make sure you dont be like alexi laiho and use the same 3 and 5 string minor pattern for every song. i highly reccommend learning and practicing the different inversions of each pattern so you can do cooler things with it. a lot of metalheads that shred tend to only use the 1 pattern. you will thank me in a year or so
is this pattern any good, because after a few days of practising i can run down it pretty well, and am learning to go up it:
slowly is good..the first vid posted with the youtube one was nice but after searching many diff sweep vids i found this one to be the best for me..it goes through diff tips and techniques..ive been practicing it for 3 days now and ive seen alot of improvement in my sweeping from not knowing at all..

slow is good..i start slow to get the feel of the position of the fingers and sync of my two hands..i try this untill i build up more and ore speed..focusing on quality rather than quantity..very important in sweep picking you need to hear ech note ring out but not overlap one another..once i get tired of the sweeping i move on to scales and other technique building excercises and then after a while go back to sweeping..i notice a good improvemnt even afet 30min of rest from sweeping(not nececsarily rest from playing guitar)

imo its the best sweep picking vid out there..i guess..