What do you guys think of this pedal?

I am mainly recording and want this pedal to use for the Whammy /Wah's and hopefully use the distortions as well.

Can you use the modulations whammy wah etc without the distortion?

How does this pedal record....sound good?

Any soundclips or advice would be much appreciated.

I like the soundclips on Digitech.com of this pedal.
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From what I've read, you can't use the distortion effects on their own, only when you've activated one of the expression FX, which is a bit sh*t, really.
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you can use modulation with out the distortion but you can't use the distortion without the modulation. What most people seem to overlook is that you can use the distortion by itself to a degree if you just find a place in the wah that you like and leave it there. Frank Zappa did it so you can too. He didn't use an EX-7 tho