This is the first time I "offically" set one of my songs to music. It includes bass, lead and rhythm guitars. It is a work in progress, so please give some insight on what I can improve.

By the way, the lyrics are in my sig if you want to see them.
Crazy Time, Crazy Place.zip
dear god that was horrible

you need to start again, play in key, and give up on the bass line
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u did listen to the song right?
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If you read the lyrics, it talks about the crazyness of things. The music is also supposed to sound crazy. Read the lyrics.
Damn, you are an idiot, the lyrics are in my sig. Click on the thing that says "Crazy Time, Crazy Place."
First a question:
Do you have a bassist or do you just add random pieces of utter cow-crud to the song?

The bass doesnt fit, and no bassist in his right mind would use that powerchords when they dont sound in key. It doesnt make it look cooler/sound better.

The lyrics dont make it any better sounding to the ears, even if its mainly about the lyrics, people wouldnt listen to this song. The lyrics dont even seem like it would go along with this any way. The leads dont go along with the even worse rythme. Just stop the production of this, I mean this sounds like a first powertab creation and its not your first, i know.

Sorry to sound to blunt, and mean-like but some-one had to say it.
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