Damn good cd.

Why don't they make ska like this anymore?

'Hey' and 'Vans Song' are my top favorite song ever. I can't get enough of it.

I wish the Suicide Machines made this kind of music again. Does anyone know of any good ska like this that people still make?
Solid cd but I'm bored of it now. I still play it every once in a while. That means every 6 months
i think battle hymns is a better cd by them. DbD is a little too poppy for me. there is better ska out there. but they are a fun band
My band plays Destruction by Definition like ska stuff. Mainly Operation Ivy like though.


The recordings are from one of our live show and an other cheap recording.

In about a week we'll have all new songs up because we're actually recording a CD as we speak. Heh. We're in the studio recording drums right now.
destruction by definition is one of the best ska punk CDs ever in my opinion. and it totally sucks that suicide machines broke up