I need help choisng a good guitar and amp for a begginer. This is my first time getting one and i want to learn how to play it. People say that go with acrousitc first but i dont want to i dont think it makes a differnce. I got some questions and ill post guitars i can get so u guys can tell me if its good.

How hard is the electric guitar when ur pessing the strings?
How heavy is it?
Dose brands matter (ibanez,fender,gibson)
How long dose it take on avrg for someone to get used to the guitar without hurting fingers?
What are some songs that are good for a begginer i dont want those happybirthday songs or kiddie songs i want metal and hard rock songs. I know metal songs are ahrd cuz they are mosly crazy but im sure there is some songs that are easy

Ok so im thinking of getting a ibanez grx20 and the reason cuz its super cheap for 159 i think and its only a guitar so should i get it or no? Post some good beginer guitars plz.

Or should iget this http://www.instrumentpro.com/P-FEN0280800.html

I really want the ibanez cuz of its cheap price and i hard its good but i need agood amp so suggest some good amps i dont want those huge ones just a small one
Electric guitar uses thinner, and therefore softer strings than a metal-stringed acoustic. They are quite easy to play, but it takes getting used to.

Brands are only there for identification. Of your two prefered models, I'd take the ibanez: they're very good value for money. It won't dissappoint.

An electric guitar weighs about 7 pounds (3.5 kg). Weight varies from 2.5kg to about 4 kg depending on the model. It's heavy at first, but you get used to it.

As for songs, my first song was Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Not a metal song, but still a great one to learn chords and riffs.

EDIT: almost forgot: AMPS!
In terms of amps, the Roland Micro Cube is a good option. It's small, and although it may seem expensive, it's well worth it cos it produces almost any sound you like.
get something withsome effects or you'll be wishing you did after about three months, maybe just gain and reverb. I hear the cubes are good, check them out at the store along with whatever guitar you are gonna buy. They'll probably give you some cords if you ask or depending on the store there might already be cords around
i got the ibanez g10 pac few years ago i still love this guitar since then ive bought and sold guitars but i wont get rid of my ibanez i highly recommend the ibanez electric to start its how i did it an acoustic will only frustrate you and you may quit but please try the ibanez you wont regret it for years to come
ibanez rocks
As for the fingers - it's going to hurt the first few weeks as the callouses build up. In about a month or two, your fingers should be sufficiantly calloused and you won't feel a thing
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I'll just say one thing about your first guitar being electric ....... make sure you have enough money to get an amp or else you'll soon grow tired of it. I have four electrics myself and unless I'm gigging, I'm usually playing one of my three acoustics. Plus, playing an electic at the beach or around a campfire doesn't quite seem right to me
Do not get a beginners pack.

I did when I started 4 months ago. I would not have if I was to do it all over again.

To start, get 1 guitar, 1 amp, a cable, a tuner, and a few picks. That's all you need. Add $10 for a strap if you REALLY must have one.

What you need to focus on is to get the best guitar and amp that you can afford right now. I think you can find a decent beginner's guitar for $150 to $200 and another $100 for an amp with built-in effects. Everything else will be really cheap and you can get them as you need them.

So for $250 to $300 you'll have a *FAR* *FAR* *FAR* superior package than one of those beginner packages.

BTW, I had a chance to play with one of those Fender $200 beginner packs at the local Costco. My immediate reaction is that the guitar is a piece of junk. It is a much lower quality instrument compared to the guitar that you get in the $200 Epiphone LP/SG starter packs, which I've always regarded as the quality line below which no one should cross. They cut some very serious and IMO unforgivable corners in getting that Fender package together. Yea it was cute to wail on the tremolo on that guitar and the kiddies that stood around thought it was cool, but it was not enjoyable to play it at all. I'd say that Fender is about the same quality as the "Gibson" Signature LP that you can find for $100 at Best Buy stores.

Stay away and go for the Ibanez.
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If i get the ibanez can u guys reccomend some good amps?

If you are going to play mostly rock and metal, I recommend the most expensive Roland Cube amp that your money can allow. It's got great tones for high gain amp models.

Edit: just realized you are Canadian, eh? So apply whatever multiple you need.
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get a roland cube, best practice amp for the money.

BTW, thats NOT an original Fender strat, it's a squier, one of the worst builds of guitar ever.
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Ok So ill get that Ibanez i researched and so far i hard its good now the amp wat should i get? Also dose it matter wat brnd of amp u get if u get a fender amp and use a ibanez guitar will it play worst or better with a fender guitar. Also someguy said i needa guitar amp and cable or turner. Wats a cable? dose it come with the amp and i nkow wat a tuner is i just need to know wat kind of brand makes the best ones thanks.
no, any amp can be used with any guitar(electric), doesn't matter what brand, the cables maaayyy come with the guitar, the last two i've bought had a cable included, but they're what you connect your guitar to yor amp and effects with, and i like korg tuners, they're 20 dollars
about getting an electric:

i think getting an electric first is a good idea for beginners because with an electric the frets are closer together (you dont have to strain your fingers to make chords as much) and when your playing the strings arent as heavy so when you press down on the strings it doesnt hurt youre fingers as much as heavy strings do.
Ok so can anyone reccomend the best guitar and amp if possbile? ill do research and i might get in for christmas i cant wait so i need to plan ahead so i can get it right away and learn more.

First can u guys tell me wats the best amp out there the best brand and best one for a begnnier?

About guitars i havent been to the guitar store i might next week but so far i want to get

Ibanez GRX Series i dont know wats the best
Fender Strat the orginal one
A Gibson but i dont know wats the best

Can you guys tell me wats the best?
I just rented a squier and marshall mg for like 10 bucks a month before I bought a nice guitar. Seems better that way because you won't have a ****ty guitar sitting around after you've got a good one, plus you won't spend a lot of money investing in guitar before you've tried it.
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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ya those starter packs suck big time. My dad got me a Jay Turser Signature Series guitar and Washburn amp for like 200 bucks i think it was and it has the same style as a stratocaster but its not one. Very, very, very good guitar for the money that you are spending, and quite frankly, i still use the amp (i just bought a guitar after 2 years of the Jay Turser one) and it is still running strong. So this is your best bet as far as im concerned. Also, if you ever do a show or something with anyone, people find those type of guitars very nice looking (as most people dont know brand names or qualitly difference). So happy shopping!!!
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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Footswitchable channels
And fdd in amps?

Also is this amp good?


Im thinking of getting that 15 watts looks good and reveiws were good but i want ur openion.

How much is a orgianl fender strat? i might gethtat if its cheap in canda and that amp that would be my set.

The cheapest real Fender Strat would be the Standard Stratocaster I think. They run for about 400 USD.
Im not thininking of getting a fender for a long time and if i had the money ill still woulnt get it jut found out it was like 300-500 usd and in canada its much more anyways. All i really need help at is gettinng a guitar I got my amp for sure im getting a marshall one. So can u u guys reccomend out of all the ibanez series tell me wahts the perfect one for a pro and begginer and will last a long time and sexy look