e                                                                                       15b
B                                                 12 15b 12                        12         12  14b
G 14b  12                        12 14b     14               14 12       12 14
D           14 12 14    12 14                                        14
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Lol, dude that is so subjective I could play that any which way I want coming up with different variations on a melody. How bout you record it and we can see how you play it?
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It's exremely simple. OK for first try, but how long will that last, 5 seconds? It also looks like your hand will barely even move when playing it, at least challenge yourself. Plus the only numbers I see on there are 12, 14, and 15. Try adding some chromatics, or using more than just penatonic minor.
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That looks a bit like my the first solo I ever made, except I made mine 13 seconds long.

Try to throw in some more notes, and try to get out of just the 12th 14th and 15th frets. Just keep going strong at it, that's definitely a good start!
add some slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs to make things interesting.
haha thats better than my first solo, which was the main riff played an octave higher!
oh yeah and if you add a few more notes, say 10th fret e and b strings it would sound awesome
yeah , not bad, i don't know how long you've been playing or what specifically it sounds like when played properly but at least you're using basic scalar guidelines!