I was just wondering how everyone else felt about this band. Personally, they are one of my favorite new up-and-coming bands and I plan on seeing them in concert. Their whole cd is awesome, its been in my car for 3 weeks straight. My favorite songs are "White Unicorn", "Where Eagles Have Been", "Dimension" and Mind's Eye". What do you think of them?

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Yeah I saw them at Leeds Fest this year on the main stage. Good set, very enjoyable. I haven't heard much beyond a couple of singles though.
they ****ing rule! i love all ther songs and my band even does a cover of apple tree. i bought a Big Muff because of Wolfmother.
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There's quite a few Wolfmother threads i think, but they are one of my favourite bands. I got their album yesterday and I don't know how to describe it more than 'Wow.' It's just so brilliant.
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The cd effing rocks. I've seen videos of them playing live and they're not very good live IMO. They seem to laid back on stage to be playing such high energy songs and the singer always looks very uncomfortable performing.