What makes BK pretty than Duncan or Dimarzio? Is there really a big differnce in tone quailty? I hear everyone going on about how BK are the best thing since the light bulb, well maybe thats pushing it but people do seem to think there great. So convince me....why???
it's all down to opinion, ive played with various seymour duncans and i own and love the bareknuckle nailbomb set, i prefer the tone and output of the BK's, i also like the idea that they are made by hand, so that every set is slightly different....
The differance is tone quality isn't that much "better" but BK pickups offer a tonal color that you can only get from hand winding pickups. It costs a lot of money to hand wind pickups and that is why BK pickups cost so much more. To me it's not worth the money but for many people it is more than worth it.
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hand made compared to mass made. BK is a smaller smaller company than Seymour Duncan and with that smallness the owner (Tim) can get to know his customer more, plus their custom service is freaking awesome. the pickups cover a wide range of tones