Hello, im looking to buy a marshall amp or any other amp that r better. But this thread is based on marshall amps averyone should feel still feel free to tell me of a better amp.

I like the jcm 900 but i will have to save up for ages and i was wondering whether the dsl was just about as good

What i want to know is

A)Is 50 watts enough to overpower a drum kit?
B)Are the channels footswitchable?
C) can some one please NAME a cab that wold go best with the 50 and 100 watt dsl?

Thank you
The DSL isn't as good, but it's still a great amp.

A. Yes, way more than enough
B. I'm pretty sure they are, if it doesn't come with a footswitch, you can build your own.
C. Just look into Marshall cabs, if you can't afford one, avatars are good on a budget.
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1)Yes, its a lot and you would have a PA otherwise, hardly ever though
2)Yes they are and come with one
3)Marshall 1960a or b with G12 75's or 1960av with V30's, its taste

Dont buy the JCM 900 slx's btw
a) Yes.
b) Yea, I'm not sure if it comes with it though, should do.
c) Any cab you want, people tend to choose 1960's usually though.
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I'd use one of those Avatar 2x12 cabs. Really cheap.

My 50 watt amp is plenty loud for drums.
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from what I heard the dsl is pretty close to the Jcm 900..But the 900 is better like the version because of the speaker.

But the Dsl is pretty kick ass Im getting one soon.
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I'd use one of those Avatar 2x12 cabs.

He cant, he lives in the uk. So alternatively he could go with an award-session cab (The biggest size is 210) but you can either order the cab or order the cab with whatever speakers you want.
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It depends on how much money it's worth to you, many people prefer the 100w over the 50w and vice versa. It's mostly personal taste in sound because both are plenty loud.