A work in progress. May be a bit repetative, but I hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: Check below for update
Can't Say I Have.zip
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yeah, a little repetative, but the way you merge the two staffs to create chords is well done.

i liked the preverse, it was well crafted
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Wow, that was pretty good, and that says a lot coming from me, because I really don't like powerchord songs... I don't think it was that repetitive though, because of how good it sounded, but I guess it technically was... Ha.. Good job man. =)

Oh, and if you have time, I'd like to hear what you think about my song http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=438796 .
I'm not big on powerchord songs myself, but I enjoyed that. I like how you had the dual guitars playing to construct chords. That was neat.
That was pretty good. The main rythmn was great and the two guitars worked well together. It was a bit too repetative in my opinion but what you have is pretty good. The pre-verse provided a nice change from the rest of the song.
I think you could do more with it but that is about as far as the song can go repeating the same rythmn. If you were adding to it, you should add an interlude somewhere.
Overall nice work
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man that was great
ofcourse a bit repetative but still great (and I dont know if it was intended but quite funky...and I LOVE FUNKY)

so i give it 8.5/10...good work mate
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yeah, as someone said, the preverse is nice. there's definately something there, but it seems like if you're going to flesh it out, you should add some variety to it. you've got a lot of repeats there and then a ds which takes you back to the repeats, so the repetition there might be a little much. maybe slap an interlude in there or repeat the sections less the second time or have another part between them to break it up and add to the unpredictability. the preverse seems to be hinting at something new that never happens. maybe when you hit the preverse the second time, you could build on the ideas of it, like by switching up the rhythm guitar to have it play more complete chords and adding new chords in there and then the lead guitar could slowly go into a more soloish thing. just a thought. nice work.
I liked it, it was really catchy and pretty cool.

I would repeat the pre-verse though, before returning to the verse, only because that is my favorite riff
I liked it.
But I think it should be longer.
Have a different outro section that what you have.

The repeating never got to me; it never bored me. It's too much of an uppy-sounding song.
My vote is to lengthen this.
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Alright, I've finished it out. To those of you who mentioned changing the preverse, I agree with you. It left a lot to be desired (it really felt unfinished) and I think I have changed that for the better. I'm actually really pleased with how the song turned out. Might still be a bit repetative, but I hope I've changed it up enough.

NOTE: Use a stereo environment for best results (there's a few parts that have the music changing between channels)

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to say thanks for the comments!
Can't Say I Have (Updated).zip
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For a powerchord song that was definitely A+. Though it was repetitive it kept me listening. The only thing is, Measure 29 - 30 sounded kinda weird switching between guitars, other than that, it was really good.
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I'm sure I've taken a listen to this before (obviously didn't leave a message last time though).

Really good. Always enjoy rhythms with muted parts and althought the high and low rhythms often seem to be parts of the same main chord, it doesn't matter, it works well and that's the main thing. Love that last section as well, the picked pattern is excellent. You've done well with this.

Downloaded the second version (just noticed it), only thing I'd change about that is the tapping part at the end of the solo, didn't think that worked too well.
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