Hi guys, my friend and I are trying to write some melodies with the ultimate goal being making a small cd for our girlfriends, we only started today and we had ideas for two songs to begin with, the first one we nicknamed "acoustic" for now, though its not really acoustic, the second one is "For Karina" which is majorley inspired by Satriani's Midnight, as you can see in the tabs we only began them and we ran into a wall thinking of how to continue them.

So any ideas are welcome and appriciated! and also feel free to review what weve done so far!

Peace love hapiness and stuff.

Pure emotion haha... My friend had the concept of it in mind and I helped him make it real.. though it needs a continuation as I mentioned in the first post..

Thanks for the positive review by the way :]
i think at the end of the lead bit, change the 18 to a 20 and get it of the bar chord and tie the note on longer, that sounds like it could lead on easier