I currently have a Roland Micro Cube... I'm thinking that I should upgrade my amp. However, since I only use the amp in my bedroom, I can't really crank the volume. So I'm wondering if getting a nicer amp will sound better than my Micro Cube if I still play it at a low volume?
Price range?
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I guess my original question was whether it was even worth it to buy a nicer amp if I'm going to be playing it at low volumes.

But, if it is worth it, my price range is around $500 max. I like all kinds of music: mainly rock, alternative, punk and also a bit of blues, classic rock, and metal.
Vox AD30VT has loads of FX built in and footswitch and line out inputs. the thing that would interest you is that at the back, it has a watt changer, so you can turn the amp down to 10w for example but still have the masters up
Ibanez and Vox...What a combination!!!