I made a metal ghostbusters theme for my friends birthday (since he loves Ghostbusters and metal) tell me what you think, the sounds a little amateur I suppose but it was pretty rushed.

Btw the ending is a piss take of live bands and how some do REALLY long endings, just thought I'd throw it in 'cos he finds it funny lol *shrug*

Tell me what ya reckon anyway because I'm thinking of doing our bands demos with this sound.

that was awesome
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it sounds ok until you get into the main theme
MAJOR clippage
you need to turn the gain of your input levels down
and your lead is quieter than your rhythm
so thats what you could improve
other than that though
ace idea, nice one *thumbs up*
This is gonna sound stupid but... what's clippage?

I was thinking the same about the lead myself but when I highered it up it seemed to stand out too much to me, that's probably just having listened to it about 20 times in one day though.
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that kicks more ass than jackie chan!
can u tab the song an put it up somewhere? cuz i looked an the versions already there a bit crap.
nice one
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Yeh I'll try to make a tab for it, could be a while though. I'll post it on here when I finish.