Any metallica song sounds best with this

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so you like hearing metallica on an electric guitar playing acoustically?

Well i actually like metallica, and ill try to give some actual advice. But i have a boss mt-2 distortion pedal which isnt exactly a good petal, and its hard getting a metallica sound...

But basically a lot of distortion and gain. Check in the gear forum for the settings thread and see if kirk hammet is listed

haha im in class right now...and bored...so i took the liberty of looking it up for you...

Kirk Hammett
Gain - 9
Bass - 7
Mids - 2
Treble - 10
Reverb - 3
Channel - Distortion

Kirk Hammett 2
Gain - 7
Treble - 7
Mid - 2
Bass - 7
Reverb - 2
Channel - Distortion
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Id reccomen to use the Recto amp model with those settings
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Quote by JanickClone
Any metallica song sounds best with this

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Quote by JanickClone
Any metallica song sounds best with this

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+1 for humor
-1 for hating on Metallica

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I have a Zoom707II Guitar Pedal... should I use the same settings... or is there anything else you suggest... Im going to play master of puppets tomorrow... and I need some advice... and Im going to play Hetfield's part... and also any modifications for the pedal when i play the first solo? Need help now
Scoop the mids, crank the bass and treble, max out the gain.

On a Cube, use the rectifier setting.