I got a new amp today,its a crate blue voodoo 6212.it came with 2 bigger tubes,and 3 smaller tubes.I think it has 5 slots for the smaller tubes,do i need to have all of them filled?Okay now,i need to get two more of the smaller tubes,i have no idea what to get,i know i posted yesterday and i want told to go to eurotubes,but i dont have any clue what to look for.Also,one of the smaller tubes got broken off at the base in the tube slot in the amp,how do i get this out?Also,i have one of the smaller one that is cracked a little bit,is it okay to use still or should i replace it?I reall need some help guys,i want to get this thing running as soon as i can.
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you should replace all of them probably, including the power tubes since it's a used amp. You should have all the slots filled yes. Any cracked tubes should be replaced definitely, they are meant to operate in a vacuum. If you go to Eurotubes, go to shop online, and go to retube kits for Crate. There are kits listed for the Blue Voodoo with all the tubes you need. As for the broken off one, you might want to try needlenose pliers to catch the base, and I would use insulated ones. Hopefully, it's been sitting long enough where it hasn't been powered on, so the caps aren't holding a charge. However, if not, capacitors can store a deadly charge even if the amp has been off for a while. IIRC, pins 1 and 6 on the preamp tubes, and pin 3 on the power tubes are connected to the caps, so you would want to drain them before touching anything live. I would email Bob at eurotubes and tell him your situation, he's usually very friendly and willing to help, and can recommend a set of tubes for you. He can probably advise you on the best way to get that preamp tube out too.
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