So I am a deffinate phan, I saw phish twice well they were still together, and am very passionate about their music and the members. But I don't see much of them popping up in any of these forums, so I was wondering what anyone else thinks of them in here.
They aren't classic rock thats why you never see them here. Great band though.
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Yea, I wasn't sure how to label them, cause there is no jam band catagory. .But deffinately a great band for sure.
I really like the jams bands that they inspired, but actually I'm not a fan of their stuff as much
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I've grown to like a lot of the Phish stuff I've heard. I'm not obsessive, but their stuff is great.
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I like some stuff, Fee is probably my favorite song. Not Classic Rock though.
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the divided sky, fee, stash, waste...just to name a few...these guys are great, regardless of what genre they are.

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