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there's an echo for the wheat
that seperates into two sides,
too part the red sea
too part a red sea is to break the
coast on piano strings and
winter harps that vibrate to the
way the atlantic sings when you
step on the rocks and sink to the bottom.

and i want the way you fold to be the way
the universe crumbles into itself like a book
or a toy were simple things go first and the
complex parts stick out like a girl in a coma.
coma coma coma coma coma chameleon,
shade your skin to the way the light breaks
when it hits the window that has holes from
the rocks that were thrown from Shakes Height, Ohio.

and if you tell me what to do, i'll tell you
if you tell me what to do,
i've already told you.
The coma coma coma coma coma chameleon line doesn't really fit to the seemingly romantic feel to it, although I enjoyed it.

The rest was extremely beautiful and was like dream I want to have.