i have a peavey valveking 212 and since last night at my bands practice it has been cutting off everytime i go to play it. it just fades out after about a minute of playing. ive tried to troubleshoot be switch my pedals around and plugging direct into the amp and it still isnt working. anyone have any suggestions because i have a gig coming up and i need to fix this. thanks


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I have an amp like it (Peavey XXX) and it started doing that as well. The power cable was coming out just slightly...I mean just barely - so every time I played a note it would jiggle a little and lose power. Every now and again I go in the back and make sure everything is plugged in right. If you haven't tried that, I'd recommend you start there - most problems have a very quick and easy solution.

If everything good and tight, nothing loose at all...you may have dying tubes or circuitry. Pray to God they are so you can get some nice tubes in. =)
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