OK UG, I need your help.

I just bought a Fender 12 string from a local music store, used and in good condition.

I got a Fender 6 string 9 months ago at Christmas and there is the Fender label (oval in shape) in the soundhole, but my 12 string has an older label (square in shape), so it's not spankin new, but I want to know how old it really is.

The headstock is indented as well, its like nothing I have ever seen before. Its a model F-5-12. So, does anyone know how old it is OR know of an online site that I can look it up? I have searched but I was unable to find anything.

Here are some pictures in case you need to see it:

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The Headstock (obviously)
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The label through the soundhole.

Any help anyone could offer would be great! Hope to hear from you~!

The fender site should have a "contact us" section. Send fender an email and give them a serial number. They should be able to tell you the age.
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why is the thread called aging a guitar?
i thought this was gonna be a thread on how to make a guitar look older...
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I'd recomend investing the money to call them if you can find a "customer service " number on the website. In my experience sending emails asking about older guitars usually produces 0 results.
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This is what I did... I googled "Fender F5-12"

From Fender's official site: http://www.fender.com/support/dating/acoustic_dating.php

They say:

Spruce top Mahogany back and sides

Yeah, looks I googled the wrong thing, I tried, F-5-12

Thank you very much though, your my hero of the day