I can play pretty fast, both left and picking hand, but they arent in sync very well. Do you guys know any exercises to help me?
It's not playing fast then is it?
Anyone can pick fast, anyone could run down the fretboard... But if you don't actually practice at the speed you're comfortable with and let it come naturally it won't.
*shrugs* I don't know...
u could try playing the chromatic scale at a slow pace to start and slowly get faster keeping in control but once u start losing it get back close to where you were until you are in control and then try a bit faster
Some ppl get the wrong idea of thinking playing slow will never improve their speed. Its completely wrong. You always start slow at 1st, then gradually increase in speed, then only you could properly synchronize your left with your right or other way around. As for exercises, normal scale routine or lick practice could really help a lot. I dont recommend you do chromatic drills too much, its boring.
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Thats what she said...
^Chromatics may be boring, but they're useful for building strength in all your fingers at the same time.
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^Chromatics may be boring, but they're useful for building strength in all your fingers at the same time.

For strength, i'd highly recommend do legatos, barre, bends, control bends, normal bends, vibratos, vibrato bends and so on. That'll build your technique and also skills, not just some boring chromatics. If you still insist on doing chromatics, look on some of Vai's exercises, that's pretty good to teach your fretting hands some sense of direction (pretty boring either).
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
what you should do is play slow enough that you dont screw up, the just increasing you speed until you start to stumble, then just practice at that speed for a while
you should try to focus on where your starting to get out of sync and examine where the problem is. Obviously if both hands are not syncing up at a certian speed one hand is out doing the other. work up a pattern slowly and start building up speed and when you reach a point that you feel your coordination slipping, try to see what is causing it, usually it comes down to the picking hand moving faster than the fret hand, but sometimes it can be the opposite. one thing to work on it making sure your finger frets the note at the same time your pick attacks the string. This can seem boring at first, but for true coordination you will want both hitting at the same time no matter if it's 60bmp or 200bpm.

You may also want to see examine how much pressure you are putting on both hands. is your pick staying close to the string between picks or does it move farther away?. Same with your fingers, are they keeping close or do they seem to fly inches above the string during faster runs? Remember the less motion you have to make the faster you can resume your pace.

Also not sure if yo do this or not, but you will be able to pick out your mistakes a lot easier if you work on your mechanics and technique to a clean tone, distortion can sometimes hide mistakes that a clean tone will not.
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Cheers Sinister that was really helpful a Dime-point to you!

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i had the exact same problem, fast picking hand, fast fret fingering but i couldnt put em together, so in so many words, with a little more direction imma help you out the same way all these other people did

starting on the E string play 7-8-9-10 or any other combination of 4 consecutive frets *i just use these four because they seem to be the easiest to finger* , then jump to a,d,g,b,e, and then back down, going as fast as you can with out missing notes, dont over do it because bad practice makes bad playing, theres no reason to start out super slow, because you can already do it super slow, so start at the threshhold of where your having problems, and go from there. thats the one excercise that helped me out more than anything else
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