Hi for third time guys!
I'm back again, with a new crime to the music culture, but this time specially to Sum 41.
My "new" song is called Pieces, one of the most beautiful songs i've heard, this time from this punk band.

I'm still not happy with this song, vocals are maybe too light, i still lose the rythm and I'm not always at right tune, but well, you opine as I always say, that's why im posting here, to hear your opinions.

Thanks and remember to leave me here your song links if you want me to crit yours!

Thank you

Link ->
Are your guitars tuned properly? try playing with a metronome to keep the same rhythm going.
I'm completly confused about how to tune the guitar. I still haven't done a song with a right tune.
What should I do here?

Oh and.. it's 1 guitar ^^

guitar was quite well done (apart from the tuning maybe).
vocals are improvable.
That song is full of feeling (sad, thoughtful) so why don't you go ahead and put sum feeling into it?
I had the impression that you sang pretty monotone, it lacked feeling. try and feel the lyrics you are singing and don't be so shy ("vocals are maybe too light" < exactly). I bet this song would sound twice as good if you were drunk


Thanks a lot guys, your comments help me a lot, but it's hard to me to sing with a lot of feeling in this song, specially in the "If you belive...", cause I almost can't arribe at this note, and sometimes I end with the thorat a bit *%2@$, but hope with time I can improve and arribe to higher notes.

Thanks a lot and keep commeting if you can
yeah. keep on practicing!
i played the guitar and sing since almost a year now and i really recognize that my voice improved. There are songs i weren't able to sing it in the original key (e.g green day - time of your life) that now i can sing without a problem.
Your voice needs training that's all.
hey, the guitars werent bad, you just need to tune them better and maybe work on timing alittle bit. I could tell you couldnt reach a few high notes with the vocals, but as dEipHoBos said your voice just needs training. can you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=437893
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