I have an issue when playing bar chords for an extended period of time the webbing in between my thumb and index finger starts to cramp up like a mutha.

I've noticed that I press my thumb against the neck of the guitar prett hard. Did I perhaps learn the wrong way to do bar chords or is there any techniques that are a little easier on the hand for when your playing a song thats pure bar chords?


you can either press your thumb up against the back of the neck, keeping your thumb tense, and you can kind of fold it around the neck. personally, i do both depending what kind of thing i'm playing, but i think it might be more back on personal preference. after a while, i guess you'll get used to it.
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The only way is more practice and your hand will eventually start to develop stamina. The answer to almost every guitar-related question is this: DO IT AGAIN
Keep holding your thumb there, you just got to build up strength in your hand. Think of it as a workout for your hands. After awhile, you're hands will grow used to it.
Twist your hand so that you are using the bone of your index, not the flesh, and tense up your thumb agianst the neck.
Everyone starts out with discomfort when it comes to barre chords, just practice and don't over-do it.