What do you think of my friend getting this gear. Randall $500 Half Stack and a LTD M-200FM. He plays Rythm in my band. He likes band like Slayer, Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden. I want him to get a tube combo but his budget is $500.
his budget his $500 but hes getting a $500 amp AND an LTD? Do you mean he already has the guitar?

I feel for you. It is hard to get a lot of people to see the wisdom of the "tube combo rather than solid state halfstack" because we live the American way of life where bigger is better. Just look at the popularity of Hummers!

You said he likes Pantera though, so really it's no wonder he's going for Randall since Dimebag used them. Thankfully, while a tube combo would be the way to go, he can do much worse than what he plans. He could have gone with an MG or a Crate solid state or something.
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I have an old Randall warhead and let me tell u, that thing is a MONSTER!!!!!!!
i love randel amps for high gain stuff. i have never actually played the guitar but i have heard great things about it.

(p.s. [B]Pantera OWNS[/B]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like the guy a few above said, he could have done much worse amp-wise. I own the guitar and love it, its great for his kind of music.
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another thing is he doesn't know about FR guitars that much so I'll have to teach him. Right now his gear is his mom's PA a dean baby v (that i can't stand) and a digitech rp 50. He has the worst tone imaginable.
tell your friend by buying Dimebag gear it won't make him play like him, have him buy stuff and try to be original..