These past couple of months, my band has had nothing but trouble with our keys/guitar player. You see, we tell him we have practice a week in advance so he makes sure to tell his parents and everything. So, I keep reminding him during the week, and he always tells us he's not coming. He lives an hour away, so it's pretty hard going to get him. But we have a gig coming up on Monday, and he hasn't showed up to practice today. We're also practicing on Sunday, and he knows the parts, but it's the fact that he is such an essential part of the band and very hard to play without and that he can't make time for us. So what'd you think we should do?
dude, there are probably like a hundred different guitar players in your area and its not hard to learn keys. give your one hour away guy "the boot" as the guy above me said.
The rest of the guitarists in our area are metalheads, and click the link in my sig. WE ARE NOT METAL. San Antonio is the metal head capitol of the world. Not trying to be an ass, but I'm just saying the magnitude of giving him the boot will have when there are no musicians who share our ideas.
dude you live in a HUGE city, im pretty damn sure you can find someone else.
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You don't live here, you don't know what it's like. It was hard getting this lineup, taking me about a year and a half. Could you imagine how long it would take for new people to come along? This is a metal and hardcore town, not the kind of music I'm interested in making.
what kind of music do you want to make, and i know several people that live in San Antonio and have visited several times, i know plenty of people that arent into metal or hardcore, maybe you just arent looking in the right places.

form listening to your myspace, if thats the type of music you do then, you probably arent going to find a lot of people to do that anywhere, try putting up adds at local college campuses.
make Industrial and/or experimental electronic music? Join my group!

I think its best too just let him go.

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yup let him go, find someone else, and maybe you should try different things to find someone yer looking for, like oh i dunno, go to a guitar store and listen to other guitarists and ask'em if they'd be interested, me personally i just put up ads at guitar center, i live in the DFW area and theres not a giant draw for metal guitarists here, but i still managed to audition for a couple bands.