wow, i loved the intro

interesting title
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wow any like chance of them being good is slaughtered when dani filth sings

that guy ****ing sucks
^ Indeed.

The intro was sweet, but the song is ok I guess.
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you might want to be careful aound here

EDIT: so its not spam... these guys actually have some semblance of talent, though the singers pityful attempts at sounding br00tal kill all of there songs for me
Meh. Intro sounded like it might have been decent... and then the intro ended and it was same old cradle of shlit.... BUT WITH CLEAN VOCALS1111
not bad. I like dani's vocals although I understand why alot of people don't.
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It sucked. 3/4 of it sounded like any random gothenburg melodeath band and the rest of it sounded like something off of Zos Kia Cultus at half the speed. Bloody awful.
What the hell WAS that? It sounded like...Arch Enemy meets Underoath.

(I actually like both those bands...but still!)
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What the hell WAS that? It sounded like...Arch Enemy meets Underoath.

(I actually like both those bands...but still!)

HAHAHAHA. Good call.
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musically at least it's somewhat of an improvement. The vocals are just... bad buttsecks for a lack of a better comparison

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eh, that was pretty weak. especially the clean vox
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Ehh...I like some of their old stuff but this is kinda gay. A new day kicking? wtf
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it leaked. i gave it a listen or two and nothing really jumped out at me
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it kinda sounds like hes trying to pull a king diamond at some points
I like it. I got it off of limewire the other day. And I agree with mingles. I, too, like the vocals, but I can see why many people may not.
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