I just got my wah in the mail!

Yet, I'm a bit worried, first of all-- The package seemed to be open (not used) but open...i was looking around it and I found some white stuff!

I'm a bit concerned that my wah has actually been used before? Or is it some sort of grease that they company had to put in--therefore having my whole package opened? .

A bit confusing I know, but i would just want to clarify, thanks.
well where did you order it from, if you got one from a shops online order or something it could have been a floor model or a return or something, But teh white stuff could have been moisture catching pellets or whatever, those things get nasty when exposed to too much moisture, and could have coased a pressure buildup to rupture the package), does the wah itself look like its in new condition? and does it function properly? thas all that should really matter
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I ordered it online at www.americanmusical.com

It looks new, but I was just wondering what all the open package and stuff was about. Btw, I really wouldn't want to spend 150 bucks on something that's second hand if you know what i mean.
well they could have opened it and inspected it also, ive ordered from smaller places and they do that so they dont have to deal with the return of defective product, but if it looks new then it probably is.
make Industrial and/or experimental electronic music? Join my group!

Alright, thanks man. I'll be going and getting a new cord soon, can't wait to plug my guitar into this monster.
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