.....you smoke weed and listen to rush limbaugh...


Four bodies build a monument
Of blood, sweat, and cement
The east one just builds and dies
The west one tells us hollow lies
The north wants to control the rest
And the south just fights with itself
Three cut themselves in the end
while the west one kills it's liberty men
No side knows what it really has
That when the sholuder angel says

Your cruelty is subsequent
To let the blood and guts ferment
All you need is to hire me
To kill the queers who don't agree
Cuz the weak ones never live
While the strong ones don't forgive
The thought seem to ring again
Let me hear another ****in' Amen!
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im romanian and am offended. most of the people in romania make americans look like autistic kids on ritalin
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I'm autistic and on ritalin and am offended. Most autistic kids on ritalin make americans look like romanians.