I am absolutly hating how my amp sounds... ANy idea on what to check for? I have a prs custom 22 with tremonti pickups... The cleans are not very great and my distortion sound like air kind of.... its so hard to explain... but anyways, any ideas? i play loud alot and the tubed are roughly 3 months old... ive never really been hasppy with my soun entirlely tho so who knows
Found you!

Well, first of all, are you running it stock? What cab? Anything else in your rig? Pedals? What cables do you use?

Next, are we talking gigging levels, or bedroom levels?

What kind of a tone are you looking for?

Answer the questions and I will do my best to help you!
Everyone always forgets I have a Recto..its a Triple but still.

PM ibanez4life_SZ! because he'll take the time to explain it. If you asked me, Id just say read through the manual about 20 times...and tinker with it till it sounds good. What cab do you have? Ya know Ive been playing with my tone for about 3 months now and I JUST got a tone that I love. If youre not satisfied with your tone, sell the amp, get another?
well ive heard mesa amps that sound amazing so im not selling it, if anything ima gunna add to the collection, my next amp is a uberschall but thats not till next summer when baseball isnt killing me... besides the point... stock dual rec, 6l6's rec cap standard.... its just so hard finding the sound i want everything sounds thin to me, and not a very good tone... what about el34's?
mogami cables... nothing else for effects right now....... i have some but rearly use them... i have a peterson tuner...
Big fact: Mesa's are tweakers. If you just got the amp, you probably aren't gunna be satisfied. The day I got my Mesa in the mail I went ape**** and zoomed it to band practice and almost cried when I heard how bad it sounded. It was my first tube amp--high quality amp in general, and I was just noob'ish and didn't know what I was doing. About a week later I had the best sound out of anyone in the band.. But yeah, the dude up there said he's had his triple 3 months and he just now found his tone... well, to be totally honest, last week I found mine, and I've had my Nomad about a year. But what I got tweaked now is just ridiculous, I might not even use stomp box I got in front for the extra boost anymore... But whatever you do, don't sell it!! IMO you have the best amp on the planet.
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yeah. ive had mine for two months and in still trying to find my tone. i freakin love rectos. if i dont like it at all, ill just learn to love it. haha.
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Yeah. well like I said; read through the manual about 20 times. It explains what each knob does and how it works. As far as EL34s go...I havnt gotten around to swapping my tubes out to those, but I heard they do wonders.