Im sure most people here are familiar with the ibanez S series guitar


and i know a lot of people like it for the good trem, body shape and all that. But i have a few gripes with it, firstly which is only cosmetic is that i really dont like the inlays which is something id get over if it wasnt for the second reason, the neck only has 22 frets. Anyway this is where my idea comes in.

would it be possible to buy the S470 and an RG wizard or wizard II neck and just swap it for the S one? i already checked and the S series uses a 25.5" scale neck as the RG does so would it be as simple as that or would there be the chance of the neck pocket being in the wrong spot for it or what? I just thought it would be worth looking into because i played an S series at a music shop and thought it was great but then went looking for the 24th fret and was suprised at how restricting it was in a lot of the songs i play.

Anyway, please comment on if you think it would be possible or just a waste of time
Honestly, how often do you use 24 frets?
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Quote by JesseIbanez
Honestly, how often do you use 24 frets?

quite often really, but primarily for tapping, the extra frets do really give you more to work with, especially as it gives you that high E which is part of the triad of Em and therfore very useful to have
Won't work. The RG neck will no doubt have the pocket in the same place, but my RG550 has a fretboard overhang of like 1 1/2", and so the body has to be routed to accept this overhang. Also, you may have to make sure the neck pickup isn't in the way (which it is). It can be done, but it's a lot of work when you might as well go and buy a second hand RG or something (even if you don't like the look as much, it has what you want)
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