I wana get into pedals more and that sorta stuff. Is there any sites that give samples of delay, and chours, and a bunch of stuff. Can u give me some good song examples of different pedals too. thanks
www.digitech.com and www.bossus.com give you sound example with different modes, for most of their pedals. Both of these companies make very good pedals. I personally have a Digitech Death Metal Pedal, and thorugh my Marshall cab, it sounds like a mix between Iced Earth Distortion and the distortion that John Petrucci uses. I have also used many boss pedals like the heavy metal pedal, and the digital delay.
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-Digitech Death Metal Distortion Pedal

Musiciansfriend.com carries most pedals and has sound samples for many of them...
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Sites will give you a general sound of what it is but don't just trust the site, go to your local music store and ask to try out the pedals and see what you like.