I have about $200.00 saved up and I can't decide on effect to get. I play alot of Zeppelin some Pink floyd and alot of other classical rock. I would like to know which one I would probably get the most use out of.

MXR Phase 90

Boss digital delay

Vox wah

Maestro Fuzztone

I currently have a boss ds-1 distortion and have no idea what to get next.
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Ive really wanted to get that MXR myself...but I think Id go with the delay
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I'd say the wah or the delay, though when I buy a delay, I'll buy the DD-5 off of ebay rather than dd-6, because the DD-5 has external tap tempo. I've never used the phase 90 but I've heard they're pretty sweet...

Wah's and delays are alot of fun though.