I have 11 gauge GHS boomers on my epiphone special II right now, that I got after my stock strings got rusty, and I want a fuller sound, so I was thinking of going to 13 gauge. Will that affect the intonation of my guitar at all? because I don't want to deal with that. OR will going to 13's not really affect the fullness of the sound at all?
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You probably would need a guitar tech to set up your action or w/e that stuff is. But yea the higher gauge strings will give you fuller tone, it just might be harder to actually press down on the strings.
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What tuning are you using? If it isn't Drop B or below you don't need to be using 13 gauge.

If you're staying within 1 step of standard you should stay with 9's or 10's. I once used 11's in standard for a few weeks just to strengthen my fingers though.

If you want a fuller sound you need to start with your pickups/effects/amp settings etc. Strings have very little effect on the fullness of tone in the whole scheme of things.

But yes, you probably would have to change your set up to put this huge ass bitches on there...
^ you dont get the same tone with 9s as you would with 13s.

but, 13s? wow.

You'll need to check your neck every so often to make sure your truss rod is adjusted properly for that type of stress.

Also you will need to adjust your action to stop fret buzz, and you may need to retune your intonation slightly.
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