I'm selling my Jackson DKMG Dinky that I bought brand new in late 2004. It has an Alder body (Archtop), a 24 fret Rock Maple Bolt-on neck, a Bound Rosewood Fingerboard, Piranha Inlays, EMG-HZ Pickups, an EMG TurboCharger (20db Variable Gain Boost), knobs that control the Volume, the Tone, and the TurboCharger; a 3-way pickup selector switch, and a Licensed Jackson JT580LP Double locking tremolo. It has some very minor cosmetic flaws on the back only. There is a 2 inch long scratch on the back of the longer horn, a small chip on the upper edge of the spring cavity, some short scratches on the bottom edge of the guitar that were there when the guitar was brand new, and some scratches in the clear coat next to the upper left hand side of the spring cavity. As you can see in the pic of the back of the guitar, all of these flaws are pretty much unnoticeable unless you know they're there. The only problem with the guitar play-wise is that the notes on the 12th fret choke on bends, which is either being caused by a high 13th fret or a low 12th fret. If that's not the case, it just needs a better setup and neck adjustment, which it hasn't had in almost a year.

I'm looking to get $400 obo. Paypal is Preferred. No Trades. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Here are some pics.

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wow...that one is so much prettier than mine. and mine has a more expensive finish.
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If anyone is interested in buying the guitar, it is still available and I'm open to offers.
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That thing is stunningly beautiful...

that color is downright beautiful.
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