Hey guys,

I'm looking for a guitar strap with pretty high friction in the shoulder area. The problem is that I own a '77 Ibanez Artist 2617 and its neck is VERY heavy so I can never keep it up like I want to (like I can do with a jackson dinky for example..). My current strap is:




and it doesn't really do the trick. My teacher suggested that I stick some velcro to it (lol) but I'd rather find a strap with a lot of friction.

Any suggestions?

i suggest putting screws through the strap and screwing them into your clavicle... does the trick for me.
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They make cotton straps, leather straps, etc. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitar click on the thing that says straps and browse for anything that's not nylon.
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yeh i had the same problem with my epiphone g-400

i got a leather strap but that only made abit of difference so yeh i stuck a few squares of sandpaper to it, works well, only u get sandpaper on what ur wearing, and its painful when i wanna play topless lol
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get a leather strap with a wide shoulder area

seconded. it works great for me...
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Does anybody has a link to one of those wide leather straps if you guys bought them online?
you could also get one of those no-slip dashboard things for your cellphone from radioshack. then just sew or pin it onto your strap. (they only cost 5 bucks)
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What about that kind of spongy stuff that people put on tables and stuff to keep things from sliding around? I can't think of what it's called, but it would work.