I have no idea how they work, or if this is the right part of the forum to post this in, so could someone help? What I basically need to know is which ones are for tone, and which are for volume, and what the ratings are for (example 1meg, 500k, 250k, 50k.) Thanks in advance everyone.
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Thanks for clearing that up for me. Anyone going to actually tell me how they work?
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a pot (Potentiometer) is just a variable resistor, or can be used as a variable voltage divider. Where it is in the circuit determines the function. An audio taper pot is typically used for volume control. A Linear taper pot is used for tone by placing it into a filter. The values are just the maximum. You can get fancy but that is the basic idea...
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well a liniar pot is for normal resistor aplications logorithmic pots are for audio (log pots) and they work by varying the amount of carbon the current has to go through in order to flow, now carbon is really resistive to electricity so it resists the flow of electrons (kindof like rocks in a water pipe) now the rating is for the maximum resistance the pot has so the rating is how much carbon the current has to go through before it goes back into the cuircut
is it like a trimpot?
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A trimpot has the same function, the trimpot is smaller and is usually mounted internally for set tweaking. A pot does the same thing, it's just easier to change.
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