Just a song I wrote and just put a couple solos in because it was at the time when I was getting good at them haha. But tell me what you think.
Metal Song.zip
holy ****ing ****!
nice work man, i loved that sudden 2nd intro,
i just think that a couple of your lead guitar melodies were a bit disjointed

overall 8.5/10

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Wow. Finally, a good song. This was very well done, I loved almost every part. The guitars were very nice and catchy, never got boring. I loved the Intro with the strings and keyboard. The Verse was very fast paced which I really like, with the harmonized guitars and the Interlude lead was so sweet, very catchy as well. Though I didn't like the 2nd solo as much as I liked the 1st solo, didn't seem to fit IMO.

One suggestion, you should let the piano continue on as the other instruments fade out, because the piano part is very nice and you can't really hear it in the Outro. Should give it a very nice relaxing feel IMO.

Overall, I loved this song. The guitars, drums, strings, all in all were very well done.
Keep up the good work.
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That was great, 9/10. The first intro was alright, the second one was meh. The harmonies during the verse were pretty cool. The prechorus sounds kind of like As I Lay Dying (Is that a good thing?) Whatever it still sounded cool. It lasted a bit too long though, for a prechorus. Maybe make it only 4 measures. The first solo was pretty cool, but the second one didn't fit. Also, you can't really hear the guitar sometimes, Everything else was kinda blocking it out. The harmonies during the chorus extention were also awesome. The outro was alright, but you couldn't hear the piano. Turn down the volume of everything during the end a bit so we can hear it.

Yeah overall it was amazing.

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Damn. That's a kick ass song. I wish I was that good...


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Thanks guys
I changed the outro so the piano could be heard and I also made the prechorus shorter and it does sound a lot better
Holy ****. God damn that was awesome. the intro got a little old, but man, the rest blew me away.
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