Please, give me names of Petrucci's easy to learn songs (I'm looking for good sounding solos, song must be short and easy to remember (no 20 minutes long impro!)
Petrucci, short, simple structure....yeah, you definitely have the wrong guitarist. that said, go learn As I Am. great song, killer headbangin riffs, and the solo is probably among his easiest, apart from the ballady crap.
Overture 1928 is pretty easy.
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"Through Her Eyes" is easy as all get out...
But Im pretty positive that one's not gonna be a shining moment for anyone.
"Solitary Shell" is pretty easy...
"erotomania" is sick, but its fast paced the whole way
a good one is under a glass moon (that is his best solo in my opinion) but the solo is tough
maybe "the root of all evil" is the best