Hey everyone,

This is a cover of an old Johnny Cash song that I recorded tonight.

I played all the instruments. I'm a really bad singer, so let me know if you think the vocals are terrible, mediocre, etc. I recorded some stuff about a year ago but the general consensus was that my singing sucked so I haven't really recorded much since then. I haven't practiced singing much either, so I don't know if I've improved at all but I'd like to start recording stuff again.


Let me know what you think. Thanks for listening.
the music was really well played and the recording quality is great. The vocals arent bad. They arent great by any means, but at least you know your limits as a singer and arent trying to do something beyond your range or abilities. Some parts of the vocals are downright good, and the rest has some room for improvement. Unfortunately, the singing quality varies enough that its pretty tough for me to give you good examples of where i think youre good and where you need work, sorry i couldnt be more help, but given your abilities on the instruments i assume you can hear you're musically inclined enough to hear your faults. Also sounds like you double tracked the vocals, which a lot of people try on here i think just to add another layer and make them feel more professional, but it really works with the style of this song and your voice, so nice work.