i'm sure there's a LOT of posts about this, but i've searched, and only found one, so i'm going to post my own..

go easy on me, my fender knowledge isn't very sharp..

i guess a "standard" strat is a mexican strat, and an american strat is, well, american.

and the american strats are more expensive than the standard.

now i guess i'm willing to pay the price of an american strat (around $1,000)
but i've been thinking.. what if i just bought a standard? strats are easy to upgrade, i can just simply change the pickups and buy locking tuners, maybe even a new bridge.

..or should i just go for the american strat? it's about a $500 difference between the two guitars, and i do NOT want to get jipped.

how much better are the american strats compared to the standard strats? can't i just buy a standard, upgrade it a bit, save money, and have almost exactly the same quality guitar as an american (if there is that much of a difference?)

if any of you guys know any difference of the two, could you give me a list of differences, or maybe give me the best decision to make?

i may have more questions pop in my head, so you won't hear the last of me -.-


ps, i've also read reviews that the mexican strat is not much different than an american, the only diff. is they send it off the mexico to assemble the pickups, then send it back to america, and the american strat only means that an american assembled it (with a few additions, i'm sure)

and that a mexican strat is a better purchase economically, so right now, if you haven't noticed, i'm leaning towarads the standard strat. i'm a big fan of saving money, you know. but i still have the ability to spend up to 1,000. i just don't want to get ripped.
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standards have pretty mixed quality. just make sure you play a few before buying one. i only tried one and was lucky and bought it. great great guitar. I would say go for the mexican and customize it to your liking.
americans are better quallity and playability than the standards, they are also WAY more expensive.

the standard series are kick ass, don't get me wrong, but the american series are the creme of the crop.

I could go on all day about the differences but the bottom line is the americans are better but for the price the standards are worth it.
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