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1. Buy an X-Acto knife
2. Go to stencilpunks.mattrunningnaked.com
3. Find a stencil you like
4. Print it out
5. Cut it out with said X-Acto knife
6. Buy a foam brush, acrylic paints, and textile medium
7. Mix textile medium with acrylic and paint it onto the fabric
8. Remove stencil and be wowed by your own artistic genius

Best advice.
yeah i stole some transperancy and tried burning it to fabric but it doesn't work all that well.
Go to staples or home depot and buy iron-on t-shirt paper. Find your favorite picture on google print it out and voila you have a shirt
youre such a WH0RE!
buy any kind of cloth you can find or afford, then draw on what you want with white out. thats the only way to go. colour on with markers afterwards if desired
Speaking of patches, I have a gadjillion Nestor Makhno patches if anyone wants to buy one.

We have 3 different sized (regular square/circle patch, medium sized and full back patch) ones that are an A in a circle with "Nestor Makhno - The Kind of Folk That Kills" written in the circle, and we have regular sized patches with a picture of Nestor Makhno himself.

We don't keep any of the money for the patches, a 13 year old kid who lives in the projects made them for us and we're donating all the money from it to help send him to an art high school in Birmingham (he can get in but can't afford it).
How much do you want Dave? It's about time I sent some cds etc to you and I may as well buy a Patch or two. What else do you sell since I'll send money etc all at once if I do.
Um, we're gonna have a split tape with some out of town band (probably from either Milwaukee, WI or Chattanooga, TN) that should be out soon. We have 2 other demos that were released that I can send, and the patches are 1 usppd and the medium sized are 2 usppd and the back patches are 3 usppd. The demos are free if you send us a CD to burn them on and we'll print out a lyric sheet for you and I'm not sure how much the tapes will be, they'll probably be out in November, but you can send us a blank CD for our part of the tape (I'd advise you to wait though).

Send all of this to:

Nestor Makhno
1504 Olive Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801 USA

Those prices are for the US.

add 1 dollar to the ppd for Canada/Mexico
add 2 dollars to the ppd for everywhere else.

I'm down for trades too.